Safety Guide

Wearing a mask is the new smart : If you wear a mask properly in public places, you are behaving like a smart and responsible citizen. Never step out of your house without wearing a face mask. A mask will not only protect you but also others around you from catching infections. So keep wearing masks and inspire others to do the same.
Washing Hands Properly : If your hands stay clean, you will stay distant from probable infections that may reach you through your unclean hands.
Therefore, Clean your hands regularly and thoroughly with an alcohol-based hand wash or soap and water for at least 20 seconds. This will help wash away the viruses and germs that could be stuck in your hands.
Stay near Immunity : Use a Surface disinfectant spray like HûMaree™ SSS™ to disinfect every surface you touch. It will efficiently help in boosting your confidence to face the infected world.
Clean Veggies with HûMaree™ VegeSûre™ : The vegetables that you bring home to prepare healthy meals should be completely clean to serve the purpose. Washing veggies once with water isn’t enough. Use HûMaree™ VegeSûre™ vegetable wash concentrate to remove 99.9% of pesticides, insecticides, and germs from the surface of veggies. It is made with ECOCERT certified natural ingredients.
For proper and complete cleaning of other important food items like fruits, pulses, chicken, mutton, eggs, fish etc you can use our specialised disinfectant washes namely FruSûre™, DalSûre™, ChickenSûre™, MeatSûre™, EggSûre™, and FishSûre™
Visit public places with proper safety measures : While markets and other public places are bound with the strict rule of social distancing, some people refuse to follow protocols. You should visit such places with proper safety measures as they can be clusters of infections.
Therefore, Use HûMaree™ SSS™ surface disinfectant spray on any hard or soft surface before coming into contact with it as you never know how many people have touched the surface before you.