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HûMaree™ FishSûre™ - Fish and Seafood Wash

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HûMaree™ FishSûre™- Fish wash

HûMaree™ FishSûre™ is made with ECOCERT certified natural ingredients that remove 99.9℅ contamination from fish and other seafood.

Key Features:

HûMaree™ FishSûre™ efficiently removes contaminants due to transportation, chlorinated pesticides from sediments, other bad bacteria and germs etc from the surface of fish and seafood.

It is your new companion for cleaning fish and seafood.

Enriched with ECOCERT certified natural ingredients.

Just 2 minutes' wash removes all kinds of germs, bacteria from the surface of fish.

Opens the pores for the better absorbability of spices.

No aftertaste or smell.

HûMaree™ FishSûre™ is made with ECOCERT certified natural ingredients that remove 99.9℅ contamination of the fish and seafood without affecting their biological structure.

FishSûre™ is enriched with the goodness of Neem Extract, Giloy Extract, and Natural glucosides etc which wash off all kinds of contaminants from the surface of fish and seafood
No Soap, No Detergent, No Perfume, and No Artificial Color

How To Use

* Wash fish with normal water
* Measure 1 cap of fish disinfectant concentrate (15ml approx.) in 2.5 litres or 4 Caps in half bucket of water (10 ltr approx.).
* Soak the fish in the fish wash solution for 2 minutes, rub thoroughly with hands dipped in the solution.
* Transfer the fish to a fresh container and wash them under running tap water to clean.
Follow the instructions for the best results:
* Soaking time must be 2 minutes only.
* Avoid soaking for longer than the recommended time, else it may damage the texture of fish meat.
* Not to be used for chicken or mutton. For chicken use HûMaree™ ChickenSûre™, and for mutton, use HûMaree™ MeatSûre™

Product Description

The inspiring concept behind the creation Natural disasters may be the most destructive but the best solutions are also found in nature itself. All we need to do is get innovative about reaping the benefits of Nature. This was the concept with which AMA Herbal Group, parent of HûMaree™, emerged in 1996 with its first-ever Natural Textile Dyes. The brand gradually spread its wings by introducing multiple sub-brands, and companies of all natural, organic and eco-friendly solutions ranging from derma products to e-market.

Why FishSûre™:

  • A 2 minutes' wash removes 99.9% of germs and bacteria from the surface of fish and seafood.
  • ECOCERT certified natural ingredients.
  • 100% free from soap, alcohol, detergent, after-taste or smell.
  • 500 ml of FishSûre™ makes around 83 litres of the mix, therefore it’s quite affordable, productive, and easy to use.


Cleaning of food ingredients has specific requirements, which is not possible to achieve with Generic washes. Therefore, it will be better to choose specialized disinfectant washes for your food ingredients. HuMaree disinfectant washes are created after a thorough research, and by using the ECOCERT Certified ingredients that remove all kind pesticides, insecticides, germs, and bacteria without affecting their natural color, taste or texture.

  • Fish attracts those germs and bacteria that eat amino acids and they target the surface, scales, and gills of fish for the purpose.
    Hûmaree™ FishSûre™ is made with natural extracts of Neem, Giloy, and Natural Glucosides specially designed to kill germs and bacteria that eat amino acids on raw fish.
  • Precisely removes contaminants from fish and seafood.
  • Just 2 minutes’ wash removes up to 99.9% bad bacteria and germs.
  • No aftertaste or smell.

अब मां के हाथों की सुरक्षा और हमारे खाने की चीज़ों की स्वच्छता को कायम रखने के लिए आ गए हैं...HûMaree™Disinfectant Washes जो रखेंगे मां के हाथों का मां जैसा खयाल और करेंगे ९९.९% पेस्टिसाइड्स, इंसेक्टिसाइड्स, जर्म्स तथा बैक्टीरिया का सफाया। HûMaree™ चुनें स्वस्थ रहें।

  • Established in 2020
  • Explicit range of natural disinfectant washes for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food ingredients.
  • Usage of ECOCERT certified natural ingredients.
  • Making the purification of food ingredients easier, faster, and more effective.


Certified by Ecocert Paris

ECOCERT is the very first certification body to develop standards for “natural and organic cosmetics”. To ensure an environment-friendly & skin-friendly cosmetic product, the ECOCERT standard lays down the use of ingredients derived from renewable resources, which are manufactured through environment-friendly processes.

The purpose of ECOCERT certification is to build the trust of consumers. From Farming, Sourcing, Development, Packaging to label claims, the product is checked at every level of the production chain. After a complete analysis of every stage, the product is then certified to be organic. The certification allows organic cosmetics to be commercialized worldwide.

Seafood and fish can become a healthy dish...if you clean them with FishSûre

Power Of Ingredients (Certified Organic)

Neem Extract

Giloy Extract

Fish Sure