Company Profile

Natural disasters may be the most destructive but the best solutions are also found in nature itself. All we need to do is get innovative about reaping the benefits of Nature. This was the concept with which AMA Herbal Group, parent of HûMaree™, was born in 1996 with its first ever Natural Textile Dyes made from natural and herbal products. After progressive growth over a period of time, the brand spread its wings by giving birth to multiple sub brands and companies of all natural, organic and environment friendly solutions ranging from derma products to e-market.

We, HûMaree™, are their third generation brand under Vegetal Wellness with a plethora of products that give you the confidence to face the infected world while striving to make this world sustainable through innovative solutions that stay connected with nature and natural products for a better health and future. We are a part of nature’s family and promote people’s better life, better future and healthy living today, tomorrow and forever through our natural, holistic and sustainable solutions.

AMA Herbal Group exports to more than 36 countries including the USA, Europe and Asia.