About Us

HûMaree™ is a brand of Vegetal Wellness, a company of AMA Herbal Group, with a niche in producing innovative solutions meant to boost immunity to face the infected world with trust and conviction. We thrive to continue the legacy of purity and wellness of AMA Herbal Group, and ensure quality, sustainability and natural care.

Our products are a blend of modern approach and techniques that make the best use of natural ingredients and will be an intricate part of your everyday life in meaningful ways.

We have our roots rising from the concept of “wellness of the people for better life, better future and healthy tomorrow and forever” and believe in the three pillars of sustainability – economy, environment and society.

“To innovate and let people be benefitted with the most advanced, sustainable, health & hygiene and immunity-boosting products to let all people face with confidence all infections, all viruses, and environmental hazards arising in the atmosphere and surroundings.

To implement sustainable solutions to guard against infections, build immunity and inspire a healthier, more confident community.”