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Assorted Combo pack

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HûMaree Assorted Combo Pack

Grab the goodness of all our food washes and surface disinfectant spray to keep your food, indoor and outdoor surfaces free from pesticides, insecticides, germs, bacteria, and other contaminants.
It's your favourite pulse or your beloved non-veg. This combo has washes with ECOCERT certified natural ingredients for disinfecting all your foodstuff.
Along with washes, it also has SSS™(Saaf Safe Sûre) Disinfectant Spray for disinfecting all kinds of indoor and outdoor surfaces.
If food ingredients are cleaned well,then they can be more productive for your health. Though, if you are still washing them with fresh water only, then it's time to wake up. Washing merely with freshwater doesn't remove the toxic contamination from the surface of vegetables.
Along with clean vegetables, the different surfaces we touch should also be cleaned as it will be helpful in keeping us distant from surface contamination.
HûMaree™ has introduced a specialised combo which comprises natural disinfectant washes namely VegeSûre™, FruSûre™, DalSûre™, FishSûre™, ChickenSûre™, MeatSûre™, EggSûre™ for different food ingredients. There is a also a HûMaree SSS™ Surface Disinfectant Spray for disinfecting all kinds of indoor and outdoor surfaces.
Washes for disinfecting food ingredients are made with ECOCERT certified natural ingredients for removing 99.9% of surface contamination from vegetables, fruits, pulses, fish, seafood, chicken, mutton, and eggs. The SSS™ removes contamination from different indoor and outdoor surfaces you touch.

Key Features:

Now, you can consume veggies, fruits, pulses, non-veg and touch different indoor and outdoor surfaces with a conviction of cleanliness

The food disinfectant washes in this combo make veggies, fruits, pulses, and non-veg 99.9% free from germs, bacteria, pesticides, insecticides, toxic colouring, etc. While the surface disinfectant removes 99.9% of contamination from different kinds of indoor and outdoor surfaces you touch

All the food disinfectant washes are loaded with ECOCERT certified natural ingredients

They remove contamination without affecting the natural feel, colour, and texture of food ingredients and surfaces

All these washes have no aftertaste or smell

With the purpose to remove 99.9% of pesticides, insecticides, germs, bacteria and other contamination HûMaree has brought this productive assorted combo made with ECOCERT certified ingredients.
In this combo pack, you will get VegeSûre™ Vegetable wash, FruSûre™ Fruit wash, DalSûre™ Pulse Wash, ChickenSûre™ Chicken Wash, MeatSûre™ Meat wash, FishSûre™ Fish wash, EggSûre™ Egg Wash, and pouches of these disinfectant washes. The combo also has SSS™ Surface Disinfectant Spray.

VegeSûe™ Vegetable wash is made with Neem and Lemon extracts. Similarly, all other washes in the combo have the goodness of different natural ingredients like Tulsi, Giloy, Berry Leaf, and other significant extracts. SSS™ Surface Disinfectant Spray has no soap, no detergent, and leaves no residue.

How To Use

* Wash vegetables in normal water to remove mud.
* Measure 1 cap of vegetable disinfectant concentrate (15ml approx.) in 2.5 litres or 4 Caps in half bucket of water (10 ltr approx.).
* Soak the vegetables in the vegetable wash solution for 2 minutes, rub thoroughly with hands dipped in the solution.
* Transfer the vegetables to a fresh container and wash them under running tap water to clean.
"Shake well the bottle of SSS™ before use"
Follow the instructions for the best results:
* Recommended using uncut and unpeeled vegetables, Not to be used for peeled and cut vegetables.
* Soaking time must be 2 minutes only.

Product Description

The inspiring concept behind the creation
Natural disasters may be the most destructive but the best solutions are also found in nature itself. All we need to do is get innovative about reaping the benefits of Nature. This was the concept with which AMA Herbal Group, parent of HûMaree™, emerged in 1996 with its first-ever Natural Textile Dyes. The brand gradually spread its wings by introducing multiple sub-brands, and companies of all natural, organic and eco-friendly solutions ranging from derma products to e-market.

Why choose this Assorted HûMaree™ Combo

  • A 2 minutes' wash with VegeSûre™ removes 99.9% of pesticides, insecticides, germs, bacteria, and all other kinds of contamination from the surface of vegetables. All the other washes do the same with the food surface they get applied on
  • SSS™ disinfects the surface immediately after the spray
  • ECOCERT certified natural ingredients
  • 500 ml of VegeSûre™ makes around 83 litres of the mix, therefore it’s quite affordable, productive, and easy to use
  • VegeSûre™ is 100% free from soap, alcohol, detergent, after-taste or smell
  • SSS™ leaves no residue after spray

An assorted combo that can disinfect your veggies, fruits, pulses, non-veg and the surfaces you are surrounded with

It's your favourite potatoes, brinjals or cabbage, or the tasty fruits and pulses, now you can remove the contamination from their surface with the benevolence of natural ingredients. VegeSûre™, FruSûre™, DalSûre™, and other significant disinfectant washes of this combo, are capable of removing 99.9% of surface contamination from your favourite foodstuff. Act smartly by choosing this combo to eat your favourite food without any worry. This combo also has SSS™ Surface Disinfectant Spray that gives you the freedom to touch any surface without worrying about contamination.

Cleaning the vegetables, fruits, pulses, eggs, and other non-veg stuff, and decontaminating the indoor and outdoor surfaces have specific requirements, which are not possible to achieve by washing or wiping merely with freshwater. This is why HûMaree™ has brought this exciting combo to accomplish your cleaning needs. You can avail this combo to enjoy the goodness of Fresh and clean foodstuff and 99.9% decontaminated surfaces. They are extremely effective and made after thorough research. So, what are you waiting for? Just grab this amazing combo today.

  • Removes all kinds of contamination from veggies, fruits, pulses, eggs, fish, red meat, chicken, and the indoor and outdoor surfaces.
  • It is easy to use and extremely effective
  • Encourages to embrace the goodness of nature
  • Adds the integrity of cleanliness to your food ingredients
  • All the food disinfectant washes are free from harmful chemicals, detergents, taste and smell.

अब मां के हाथों की सुरक्षा और हमारे खाने की चीज़ों की स्वच्छता को कायम रखने के लिए आ गए हैं ...HûMaree™Disinfectant Washes जो रखेंगे मां के हाथों का मां जैसा खयाल और करेंगे ९९.९% पेस्टिसाइड्स, इंसेक्टिसाइड्स, जर्म्स तथा बैक्टीरिया का सफाया। HûMaree™ चुनें स्वस्थ रहें।

  • Established in 2020
  • Explicit range of natural disinfectant washes for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food ingredients
  • Usage of ECOCERT certified natural ingredients
  • Making the purification of food ingredients easier, faster, and more effective


Certified by Ecocert Paris

ECOCERT is the very first certification body to develop standards for “natural and organic cosmetics”. To ensure an environment-friendly & skin-friendly cosmetic product, the ECOCERT standard lays down the use of ingredients derived from renewable resources, which are manufactured through environment-friendly processes.

The purpose of ECOCERT certification is to build the trust of consumers. From Farming, Sourcing, Development, Packaging to label claims, the product is checked at every level of the production chain. After a complete analysis of every stage, the product is then certified to be organic. The certification allows organic cosmetics to be commercialized worldwide.

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Power Of Ingredients (Certified Organic)

Tulsi extracts

Neem extracts

Giloy extracts

Manjistha extracts

Retha extracts

Lamon extracts

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