5 Tips To Prevent Germs From Entering Your Home

In the current Covid situation, chances are probably that you are not leaving your home of comfort much these days and daring to step out. However, you are compelled to do so for essential jobs like groceries and medical visits. Leaving your personal space during pandemic comes with a risk. The risk of carrying back home with you a plethora of viruses and bacteria, especially the ones that are stuck to your shoes is high.

Fortunately, with some strategy and lots of handwashing and social distancing, you could reduce the likelihood of bringing these bacteria and viruses back home. Let us look at 5 simple ways to avoid germs from entering your home.

HûMaree™ ShoeSûre™ before exit: Your shoes can carry the worst germs back home. They are considered dirtier than a toilet seat. Treat your shoes with HûMaree™ ShoeSûre™, an immunity booster spray made with natural ingredients, before stepping out of your home. It acts as a layer of protection against germs, viruses, bacteria and doesn’t let them stick to the surface. With HûMaree™ ShoeSûre™ you can be sure of being protected. However, always keep your shoes outside your house. Do not let them in. If you have to come in with your shoes, spray them again with HûMaree™ ShoeSûre™ to ensure your safe entry into your home. This spray is your assurance for a safe entry and exit from your home.

Sanitize before entry: Anytime you are outside the house, you are exposed to germs. Avoid touching your face and keep a sanitizer handy. Wash your hands with a medically approved hand wash as soon as you enter your home before touching anything.

Disinfect high traffic surface: When you step out of your house, you tend to carry things like wallet, phone, purse, watch, bag etc. Disinfect them with a good quality disinfectant spray like HûMaree™ SSS™ (Saaf. Safe. Sûre) as soon as you enter the house.

Change Clothes: Germs easily get stuck to clothes. Do change your clothes and soak them in warm water before washing them in washing machine. You can also take a warm shower if needed to be double sure.

Home Cleaning: While we could be responsible for getting some germs home, there are others like delivery boys, maids, visitors who could be a possible carrier of germs. While we cannot control how they can spread germs in our house, we can prevent these germs from sticking to surfaces by cleaning and immunizing our house every now and then, especially frequently touched things like door knobs with HûMaree™ HomeSure an immunity booster spray for home surfaces.

A little hygiene, alertness and precautionary mind set can go a long way in protecting your family from getting sick. Be safe than being sorry.